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Google Talk + TalQer. Calling landlines with Google Talk May 7, 2007

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Google TalkThis might be old news, but I am sure that not everyone knows about this…
As most of you guys should know, Google Talk is Google’s instant messaging and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) client. With it, users can make file transfers, voice calls, get Gmail notifications, and even voice mail for people that have called them online. It can do lots of things, and for many people, it does almost everything they need it to do. However, there is that one great thing that it just does not have. This is the feature of making calls to actual landlines, a feature that Skype does have (free for US and Canada). Now, although this may soon come to Google talk made by Google’s developers, another company, Vozin Communications, has already integrated it. According to hotvoipnews.com,:

Vozin Communications integrated their own VoIP software called Talqer with Google Talk meaning that you can now use Google Talk to make landline calls and also receive them.

Talqer works in a very similar way to Skype and has similar services such as their equivalent Talqin and Talqout services. Talqer boasts that all their services are cheaper than Skype too. Landline calls cost less and the cost of their Talqin service (equivalent to Skypein) costs less than what it would cost for the same service with skype. The Talqin service gives you your own landline number on which people can call you through the Talquin software from any phone. The only restrictions is that the area codes are based in the US and Canada. International alternatives may become available in the future.
More can be found at the source: http://www.hotvoipnews.com/blog_21.shtml

Rumors have also been circulating that Google may attempt to “acquire” Skype. However, I think this probably will not be happening any time soon, as can be seen in the article Google and Skype Are Friends ?! found on Businessweek.com.

On Feb. 6, Skype, Google and two well-known vc firms announced that they will jointly invest $21 million into a start-up called FON. FON is, essentially, trying to do what a number of earlier upstarts had failed at — monetizing on offering Wi-Fi services. FON’s idea is simple: It’s inviting people with home Wi-Fi networks to participate in its Wi-Fi hotspot sharing program. If you allow other members to hook onto your home Wi-Fi network, you can use all of FON’s hotspots — and FON expects to have some 1 million of those by 2010 — for free. Where the money is made is in co-called “alien” memberships, where people who don’t own Wi-Fi networks pay to use FON.
More at the source: http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/techbeat/archives/2006/02/google_and_skyp.html

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