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Turn off your computer from a cell phone. May 22, 2007

Posted by ronandi in Applications, Cool.

Power I read about this online a little while ago, and found it really cool. Using this simple method, a user can shutdown, restart, hibernate, etc. his or her computer, just by sending an email from his or her phone. I know, sounds really cool. To do this, all you will need is Microsoft Outlook which should come with Microsoft Office, which most people have. This will need to be on the computer wish you wish to shutdown. So, this is how you do this:

Before I start, I would just like to note that I found where I think I read this. Original Source here

  1. First, you will need the batch files that will be needed to perform the shutdown, hibernate, etc. You can either make these yourself, or download this zip file found on the original source: Download the files here. Extract it to the C Drive so that its extension is : “C:\sms_functions\”
  2. Open up Microsoft Outlook. Make sure that you have already configured it for your email.
  3. Now we will need to make it so that Outlook checks your inbox about every minute. You can do this by going to Tools>Options. Then click the Mail Setup tab, and afterwards, the Send/Receive button.
  4. Make sure that the Schedule an automatic send/receive every… box is checked, and set the number of minutes to 1. Now you may close all of these dialog boxes.
  5. Now go to Tools>Rules and Alerts… Next click the options button in the upper right hand corner and press the Import Rules button.
  6. Now select the shutdown.rwz file that was found in the zip file named sms_functions that you downloaded (the one taken from the original source).
    1. Now, when you send a message from your phone to your e-mail address with the subject smsshutdown%%, your computer will shutdown.

You can also make your own rule, so that you can use your own batch file, and may specify the phrase you want to trigger the action. You can do this by:

  1. Selecting New Rule… Then clicking the Start from a blank rule radio button, selecting Check messages when they arrive, pressing Next >
  2. Select a trigger by checking its box…pressing Next >
  3. Select Start Application, and under Step 2, click the underlined word, Application.
  4. Now select the batch file, and you are done.

If you have any questions or need help, please either visit the original source and comment there or here.

Thanks for reading, good luck using this, and I hope you find it useful!



1. techfreak243 - January 22, 2009

can i du this to hibernate my computer as well as shut down?

2. GralaPram - February 19, 2009
3. Brandon™ - May 20, 2009

i cannot send subject on my phone

4. zidor frantz - June 18, 2009

i’m so happy to know that because i was need it
i will try it now ii’m zidordinateur please write me with my msn

5. Computer Brains - September 6, 2009

the file that was to be downloaded from its original source didn’t have the Shutdown.rwz file in it so i couldn’t move on . . . any help here please?????????? . . . Thanks

6. ankit patel - January 9, 2011

hey the downloaded shutdown file does not occurs.where can i find that file

7. Killer2106 - April 18, 2011

Please do not download any file to retrieve the Shutdown file. Simply open a notepad and type in c:\windows\system32\shutdown -s -f -t 00. Save it as shutdown.bat and follow the rest of the procedure

8. frenky - May 8, 2011
9. Coded Arm - June 23, 2011

I cannot import the command, it says improper format

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