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How to Make Windows XP Startup Faster & How to make applications start more quickly May 23, 2007

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Do you get frustrated while you wait around for your slow Windows XP computer to startup? Windows XP will automatically load and startup any program that is in the startup folder whether you intend to use it or not. This article will show you how to speed up the bootup process of your PC by removing the programs that bog it down.

What to do….

1. Close all currently open applications.
2. Click Start->Run, and enter msconfig. This will start the system configuration utility.

(Remember: If you disable the necessary applications from the msconfig, the computer may not start properly. Hence, while using msconfig, keep a note of the applications which you want to uncheck to start while computer starts.)

3. In the “Startup” tab. You will see a list of all the startup programs that get loaded automatically when you startup your computer. The more items you have checked to startup, the longer it takes for your computer to startup.
4. If you don’t know what the listed programs do, visit http://www.Sysinfo.org and look up the program and its details. Uncheck the programs that you don’t want to start up and click “OK”.
5. Restart your computer and you should notice that it starts up quicker.

The next option is one that most of you have probably not seen. Although I do not think it will cause system instability, it may be possible.

Other Things You Can Do

1. Look under the “BOOT.INI” tab. You will see a box labeled “Timeout:”, and a numerical value. By default, it’s 30, which means 30 seconds of wait time before boot. This can be changed, and I suggest using 3 seconds. (Note: if you have more than one operating system, this means the wait time to startup to the highlighted OS. you might want a bit more than 3 seconds)
2. Delete the temporary files periodically from your computer to make the applications run faster. type %Temp% in the run dialog box by clicking on start -> run. and click on. You will see an open folder with so many files. click on Edit menu and click on Select all and then click on the File menu and select Delete. Note: Always confirm that the folder which is opened has a temp on the top of menu bar and the folder indicates that it is a temporary folder.
3. Always perform a disk defragmentation at least once in a month. start the disk defragmentation from the system tools available in the accessories from the start menu. it takes a longer time and it is advised not to run any applications in the computer including the screen savers, while running disk defragmentation.
4. Perform a scandisk to see that your computer hard drive is in healthy condition and it helps your computer run faster.

This article was found at the original source (WikiHow)

Now for how to make applications start more quickly.

By default, Microsoft includes the /prefetch:1 switch to speed up it’s Windows Media Player application start time. This switch can be used for other Windows applications and also many third party programs.

Example #1

You have AOL 8.0 installed on the computer. Complete the steps outlined below to add the /prefetch:1 switch to AOL’s Target path.
1. Right click on the AOL shortcut and select properties from the menu.
2. In the Target: Field add the /prefetch:1 switch to the very end of the path, like this: “C:\Program Files\America Online 8.0\aol.exe” /prefetch:1 and then click ok.
Now start AOL. It would load at least 50 times faster than ever before.

Example #2
1, Go to the Start button/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools
2. Right click on System Restore and select properties from the menu that appears. Add the /prefetch:1 to the Target Path entry so it looks like this %ystemRoot%\System32\restore\rstrui.exe /prefetch:1 and click ok.
Now System Restore will start immediately when executed.
Note: This switch will only work with some programs. Others will return a message saying the program in the target box is invalid. Just remove the switch

Although I read that on my affiliate forum SYI, I believe that the original source was from tweakxp.com
Thanks for reading



1. Larry Miller - July 4, 2008

Another victim of the /prefetch:1 Myth. At least the author is in good company, many popular internet sites have fallen for it as well. But a myth it remains.

Windows Media Player does use this switch, but it not to improve launch times. Adding this to other shortcuts will accomplish nothing.

But don’t take my word for it. See what Ryan Myers, an engineer with Microsoft, has to say:


Larry Miller
Microsoft MCSA

2. daisywee - December 22, 2009

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