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Facebook welcomes third-party companies to make software for it! May 25, 2007

Posted by ronandi in Cool, News.

Facebook.com announced Thursday that it now allows any software designer to access the company’s members to make it a software operating system for all sorts of Internet media. The college student social networking site, which opened up to users of all ages over the past year, said it has signed up 65 partners, including Microsoft Corp. and Amazon.com Inc. to build Web applications within Facebook.

Facebook users will now be able to develop their own third-party applications, distribute them to other Facebook users, and even use them to start their own businesses.

“You can serve ads…And if you don’t want to run ads, you can just go ahead and sell something. You don’t even need to send people off-site for transactions. You can do it all onsite, run ads, do transactions, and we encourage both,” Zuckerberg said. “You keep all the revenue.”

I thought this would be a really interesting article since many people use facebook (like me). I have been waiting for this to happen! Now I just have to wait for a 3rd party application that operates for facebook just like gmail notifier!

This is the important stuff but… Original Source



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