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Wake on lan (WOL). Turning ON your computer remotely June 13, 2007

Posted by ronandi in Cool.
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Ever wanted to come home and have your computer already powered-up, loaded, and ready to go? You could do this by setting up a scheduled Power-ON through BIOS, but maybe you have an erratic schedule…Then what? You could come home at 3:00, or maybe as late as 12:00, and you do not want your computer running needless hours. The solution for you would be the technology known as Wake on LAN (WOL). WOL works like this, when your computer shuts down, some power is reserved for your NIC card (Network Interface Controller). At this point, the controller waits for the “magic packet”. What this is, is a special packet, with some special code, just for your specific card. Upon the arrival of this “magic packet”, the listening computer receives this packet, checks it for the correct information, and then boots if the Magic Packet is valid. You can google if your network card was WOL capabilities, and just about every IBM laptop should have it.

Read more at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN


FlyakiteOSX. Mac emulation, because it looks better. June 13, 2007

Posted by ronandi in Cool.
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Ok, windows is boring. Its not exactly ugly, but its not “uber-cool”. Its kind of “n00b”. Mac OSX on the other hand, it dazzling. With a sleek interface, great color choices, and the sexy dock, many users go on to emulate their windows operating systems to look just like mac. Of course, if you like the interface enough, you could just go out and run Mac OS, but then your life would suck(compatibility issues with everything you want). When I first started applying themes to my desktop, I used windowsblinds, a product of Stardock. It was ok for a while, but many programs would have to be installed to get the Mac look I wanted. So, I found flyakiteosx. Crazy name, but it is awesome. Although many of you have heard about this already (its quite old), you may not have used it before. Basically, it changes everything on your desktop to look like mac (while still keeping it windows of course). It changes the boot screen, the logon screen, the explorer bar, taskbar, everything. It also adds cool things such as the dock, the finder(top bar), and great transitions (such as the shadow effect). All you have to do it run the setup file and everything is done for you, no hassle. Also, if you just cannot get used to the interface, or just do not like it, a simple uninstall will revert it back to how it was before. Try it out!


http://www.osx-e.com/ (Mac emulation site)

http://features.engadget.com/2004/06/09/turn-your-pc-into-a-mac/ (Turn your pc into mac)