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Microsoft’s Grand Unveiling – Microsoft Surface May 30, 2007

Posted by Sabakunoneji in Cool, Hardware, Microsoft, News.
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Today, Bill Gates revealed his latest creation – The Microsoft Surface. With its five special motion-detecting cameras, the Surface responds to the user’s touch, allowing someone to manipulate objects on screen with more freedom than ever before.

What makes this any different from a giant touchscreen? Well, not only can the Surface interact with humans, but it can work with other devices as well. Take a few pictures with a digital camera, and just place it onto the Surface. It’ll read the pictures from the camera, where it’ll load them on screen, allowing anyone to manipulate and edit the pictures with simple hand movements.

The Surface shows many promising applications. It can be used in restaurants, where diners can scroll through an electronic menu, dragging items they want into an ordering “pile” in the center of the screen. After the meal is finished, just throw your credit card onto the Surface and it’ll complete the transaction for you. They’ll be found in department stores, where the placement of an item onto the screen will cause data of the item to be displayed in an interactive menu. Look out for them in hotels and tourists attractions too, where they’ll be showing road directions, tourist hotspots, and more.

The Surface is planned to be available to various businesses by November of this year. If you’d like your hands on it, be ready to wait at least three years for a consumer version. At least this’ll give you plenty of time to save up the $5,000-$10,000 that you’ll have to pay.

Link: Microsoft Surface